Asian Curry Awards

.. is organised by FoBC and they are set up to recognise the huge successes made by restaurants across the whole of the curry industry. The awards focus not only on the achievements of today, but on a lifetime of work in the restaurant industry, honouring the dedication & commitment of people who have helped spread the love of curry throughout the UK, ensuring that the sector continues to be the vibrant & growing industry that it is today.

Asian Curry Awards Nomination

Nirala Tandoori is proud to be part of that community and we would like to be nominated for the best restaurant in South East. Just drop in to know how good we are and nominate us..

Asian Curry Awards Nomination

The Restaurant

culinary experts

The Nirala is run by a family intent on providing the best of Indian cuisine and service. One of the family members is a very experienced chef, who has gained a reputation as one of the best chefs of Indian cuisine in London.

Nirala Tandoori Restaurant


fresh ingredients

Most of the ingredients we use are obtained fresh daily. We mix and prepare our own spices and herbs to bring to you a unique experience of flavours from the continent of India. Thank you for choosing to dine at the Nirala, we sincerely trust that you will enjoy your meal and visit our restaurant again.

Party Hall

superb cuisine

We offer authentic, mild to hot Indian food that caters to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. We take pride and great care in providing our guests with a memorable experience. Our extensive menu features bountiful vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. We sincerely expect you to savour the exciting array of freshly prepared dishes, coupled with an elegant ambiance and exceptional service!